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Guatemalan Green Jadeite Butt Plug

$100.00 - $190.00
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Stainless Steel Butt Plug mindfully adorned with hand-carved Green Jadeite inlay.
Our plugs are fully customizable in three colors, four sizes and  a wide assortment of gemstones.
-Metaphysical Properties-
Energetically, Stainless Steel is highly protective and known for helping to manifest self-healing. It can be considered spiritual armor. Combining a gemstone with stainless steel can help amplify the energetic properties of both the stone and the stainless steel.

Green Jadeite: The Chinese character for jade implies a symbiotic relationship between Mother Earth and humanity.  By treating Mother Earth and all of humanity with respect, we will be rewarded with jade.  In this case jade represents compassion, trust, and integrity.  Attunes to the heart chakra.   By honoring our partner our partner honors us.  This trust allows for deeper levels of intimacy to be reached.

Included with every plug is a vegan friendly zip-up case for safekeeping!


Made in Portland, Oregon

-Surface Finish Options-
High Polish Steel
24kt Gold Plating
Plasma Black

-Sizing Info-

Small: 1" at the widest and 2.6" in overall length 
Medium: 1.3" at the widest and 3.1" in overall length
Large: 1.6" at the widest and 3.5" in overall length
Extra Large: 2" at the widest and 4" in overall length

-Plug Weights-
Small: 143g/5oz
Medium: 263g/9oz
Large: 424g/15oz
Extra large: 822g/30oz